Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Your Suggestions

The results are in...though I didn't see any posts, I got several personal and Facebook responses to my "grounding techniques" blog. The following have been suggested to me. It is no surprise that every one of them has to do with linking back to your physical body, which is as grounding as earth itself.

swimming (also showers and baths: water on the skin is very effective)
running (goes with "exercise" from last week)
Tai Chi
putting on scent, such as aftershave or cologne (goes with "aromatherapy", above)

It is also said that certain stones and crystals are grounding. For instance, I have a large piece of tourmaline that seems to steady me when I remember to hold it and breathe deeply.

That's all the feedback I have noted so far...next question for your input: when does "positive thinking" or New Age "Manifestation technique" go too far and become simply delusional? What's your take on this? I'd like to address that question. Things are a little hectic in my life right now, but I'll tackle this subject soon. Stay tuned.

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