Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Info for the Bipolar

This week I just want to tell you about a resource, International Bipolar Foundation. They’ve been around since 2006, but they’re new to me. The website address is exactly what you would expect it to be: They are involved in supporting bipolar education and research, and enhancing various support services such as housing. Such enhancement includes support groups per se, if you happen to live near San Diego, California. They also list some interesting sounding online communities to check out.

I am impressed by their monthly newsletter, which is full of ideas, tips, news about bipolar people in the public eye, and updates on the latest research in the field (see my previous blog for a sample topic). You can subscribe at:

They also have a book, Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder, which you can get FREE as a pdf for the asking. It’s also available on kindle for $1.99 - there’s a long URL but if you type the title in Amazon’s book search box it comes up right at the top.You can also get a hard copy, but for that you need to pay shipping, which comes to $12 U.S. and $25 international. I’ve downloaded this book, and I have to say what I’ve read is quite factual. There is a good section on the drugs commonly used, how they operate, what their drawbacks are, and even how they work in the body if that is known. They don’t stint on including side effects, either. If what you want is solid information on standard treatment, this is a good place to start. And what can you lose when it’s free, right? (If what you want is more practical, how-do-I- LIVE-with-this advice, though, you’d be better off reading Is There Room for Me, Too? Just saying).

Here’s their snail address, and I’ll add their link to my list on the right:

International Bipolar Foundation
8895 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 105-360
San Diego, CA  92122

 They host lectures and post them on the website the following week, hold webinars, have a buddy program, speakers bureau and outreach and referral program, anti-stigma campaigns, and more. Seems to me with this much activity, they must have something you could use... if bipolar is your thing, check them out.

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